Expert Dust and Air Quality Consultancy Services

DustScanAQ is an independent dust and air quality consultancy, specialising in dust monitoring and assessment, established in 2004. Our air quality consultants provide expert dust and air quality services to a wide range of sectors including assessments and management plans of dust, air quality, odour and transport. We provide planning and operational support for small to large scale projects including those that require detailed Environmental Impact Assessments. Our services also include workplace and occupational exposure assessment, elemental and chemical dust analyses and dispersion modelling.


Workplace monitoring




DustScanAQ provide low cost dust monitoring solutions. We supply directional and depositional sticky pad dust gauges, gravimetric filter-reference PM10 and PM2.5 samplers and also specify and install real-time air quality and meteorological monitoring equipment. Our dust monitoring equipment has many applications; from compliance requirements to detailed assessments of particulate movements arising from industrial, commercial, construction or other activities. Dust monitoring provides us with samples that may be used for forensic analysis of potential and actual contamination.

DustScanAQ would be pleased to hear from you if you would like to discuss your requirements and how we can help you with your project, please contact us on 01608 810110 or email

About DustScan

DustScanAQ is the new trading name for DustScan Ltd; we have recently rebranded to reflect our growing expertise and involvement in air quality matters. DustScan Ltd was established in 2004 as a spin-off company from Leeds University. The firm is based in Oxfordshire, UK.


The impacts of dust and air quality affect us all and are concerns for most industrial, commercial and public organisations. We work in many countries beyond the British and Irish islands. Our clients' activities include: Construction and redevelopment, Quarrying and mining, Power generation, Recycling and waste management, Manufacturing and warehousing, Food and farming, Government services other consultancy firms.

DustScanAQ News

DustScanAQ becomes an Employee Owned Business! DustScan Ltd has become an Employee Owned Business with its shares owned by an Employee Ownership Trust (DustScan Trustees Ltd) as of 18 December 2018.


We are looking to recruit a Senior/Principal Air Quality Consultant in 2019 and are also looking for a placement intern starting next July.

Similarly we are seeking a good graduate or post graduate in Environmental Science, Environmental Engineering or Environmental Geoscience for a new position opening in 2019.

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New Website

We launched our new website in July 2017 and would really appreciate your feedback. Please let us know if you have any comments or there's anything you can't find!