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Key Personnel


Geoffrey Walton

Geoffrey Walton (PhD, CEng, FIMMM, FIQ, FGS)

Non-Executive Chairman

Geoffrey Walton has a PhD in mining engineering from Nottingham University and was visiting professor of mining at Leeds University for 20 years from 1995. He worked for the NCB Opencast Executive as Headquarters Geotechnical Engineer, and in 1973 set up GWP a mine and quarry design consultancy. In 2004 he established DustScan Ltd - a spin-off company from Leeds University which in 2016 became DustScanAQ reflecting the growing importance of both dust and air quality in the firm’s work. His R&D experience includes working closely with academia and professional institutions to better serve industry.

Claus Hjoerringgaard

Claus Hjoerringgaard (BSc Engineering, Chemistry)

Managing Director

Claus is a visionary and experienced leader who, over 25 years, has promoted strategic growth and business development in national and international companies. He brings senior leadership with experience from firms such as Fichtner Consulting Engineers, Mott MacDonald and Wood where he primarily focused on the power generation sector. Claus has extensive global knowledge and networking experience to establish sound relationships with senior decision makers. He is leading DustScan with the cooperation of clients, partners and others to ensure sustainable development and growth.

Sue Radbourne

Sue Radbourne

Director of Finance and Administration

Sue Radbourne has extensive experience in managing the day to day functions of SMEs. She joined DustScan Ltd in 2005 and is responsible for the internal administration and the organisation of financial and personnel matters. She is the internal financial controller having contacts with all clients, customers and suppliers.

Oliver Puddle

Oliver Puddle (BSc, CSci, MIEnvSc, MIAQM, AFOH)

Principal Consultant

Oliver Puddle joined DustScan in 2006; he has an honours degree in Environmental Science from the University of Portsmouth and is an elected council member and Trustee of the Institution of Environmental Sciences (IES). Oliver’s interests and expertise are in the monitoring, characterisation and assessment of fine particulate matter and other aerosols in ambient and workplace atmospheres. Much of his recent consultancy work has focussed on assessing indoor air quality, including investigations into the performance and suitability of air purification devices in different indoor environments. Oliver continues to manage the firms workplace/occupational aerosol assessment service.


Gordon Allison

Gordon Allison (BSc, MSc, CEnv, MIAQM, MIEnvSc)

Principal Consultant

Gordon Allison joined DustScan in 2019 as a Principal Consultant. He has a degree in Environmental Chemistry and an MSc in Air Pollution Management & Control from the University of Birmingham, where he has been a guest lecturer since 2001. His primary interests lie in air quality management and wider environmental management. Gordon has over 20 years’ experience in environmental consultancy, with a focus on air quality in the context of both transport and industrial sources. He has been an expert witness for air quality at planning enquiries. He was the lead for air quality for High Speed Two between 2013 and 2016, providing the evidence for the Phase 1 Parliamentary select committees, and assisting in negotiating the settlements with stakeholders, writing the HS2 Air Quality Strategy, and setting its targets for health impact and carbon vehicle emissions. Gordon has contributed to the development of IAQM odour guidance, construction dust monitoring guidance and to the 2019 Environment Bill.

John Bruce

John Bruce (BSc, MIAQM, MIEnvSc)

Senior Consultant

John Bruce joined DustScan in 2012; he holds a first class honours degree in Environmental Forensics and is completing a PhD on dust modelling at the University of Portsmouth. He works with the consultancy team on both dust and air quality matters and on related R&D and IT matters including empirical modelling techniques. John has published widely on dust monitoring and modelling. Some of his recent projects include dust and air quality assessments for mineral planning applications.

Andrew Green

Andrew Green (BSc, AMIEnvSc, MIAQM, AFOH, AssocIScT)

Senior Consultant

Andrew Green joined DustScan in 2014; he holds a first class honours degree in Environmental Science from the University of Portsmouth. Andrew currently works on a range of dust, air quality and odour consultancy projects. He manages some of the firms laboratory activities (with Daniel Quinn) that use detailed analytical methods including Scanning Electron Microscopy and dust provenance detection methods. Andrew also assists with workplace/occupational exposure assessment work. His recent projects include air quality assessments for power plants and mineral sites and an odour assessment for a commercial kitchen.

Daniel Quinn

Daniel Quinn (BA, MSc, AMIEnvSc, MIAQM)

Senior Consultant

Daniel Quinn joined the firm in June 2015 with a BA in Earth Sciences from Trinity College Dublin and an MSc in Quaternary Sciences from Royal Holloway University of London. His primary consultancy work includes carrying out air quality and transport assessments. Daniel also supports with detailed dust characterisation and microscopy work. His recent projects include air quality and odour assessments for power plants and transport assessments for residential and commercial projects.

Paul Eaton

Paul Eaton (BSc, AMIEnvSc, AMIAQM)


Paul joined DustScan in 2018 after graduating from Durham University where he read Environmental Geoscience. He is working on a range of Air Quality projects including planning assessments and dispersion modelling used to support the Construction, Manufacturing and Extractive Industries.


Pedro Amador Guiral

Pedro Amador Guiral (BSc, AMIEnvSc, AMIAQM)

Manager of Analytical Services

Pedro joined the firm in 2018 having worked in a range of technical roles in Andalusia and holds a honours degree in Environmental Science from Cadiz University. Pedro manages our laboratory testing and analytical services, and assists in preparing data for factual reporting.

David Povey

David Povey (BSc)

Graduate Consultant

David joined DustScan as a Graduate Trainee Consultant in July 2020 after graduating from Bournemouth University with a first class degree in Geography. As part of this degree, he undertook a 10-month placement at DustScan during which he was trained in the key areas of the business. In part fulfilment of his degree, he completed a dissertation investigating the impacts of traffic variables on the proportion of non-exhaust emission dust particles in deposited road dust, using Optical Light Microscopy. As part of the DustScan rotation training programme, he is working in different sectors, including Dust and Air Quality whilst also assisting with day-to-day analytical services.


Tracey Volley

Tracey Volley

Technical Assistant

Tracey is responsible for the database cataloguing of incoming client samples, basic sample processing and the smooth operation of our daily courier arrangements.

Andrew Green

Kerstin Macdonald (BEd)

Technical Assistant

Kerstin joined DustScan in 2021 and is new to the industry, with a background in primary teaching and having previously worked for a drug and alcohol testing company. She is responsible for using our software to analyse samples, assisting within our lab, reporting data, assembling equipment and preparing orders, as well as visiting sites for installations.

Hugh Datson

Hugh Datson (PhD, CSci, MIEnvSc, MIAQM, FIQ, FGS)

Business Partner

Hugh Datson has a PhD from Leeds University’s School of Process, Environmental and Materials Engineering and a first class honours degree in geology and environmental sciences from Oxford Brookes University. He joined DustScan Ltd in 2004 and since then has been concerned with the characterisation of collected dust including optical microscopy and ICP-MS and with dust monitoring methods used in Dust Management Schemes and Dust Action Plans. Hugh has worked on various Good Practice and Technical Guidance Notes, on Air Quality Assessments and on their support in the planning process.

Dr Mike Fowler

Dr Mike Fowler (MSc, PhD, CGeol, FGS, FRSC)

Retained Consultant

From 01 September 2020 Mike Fowler is to be Professor of Geochemistry at the University of Portsmouth; he has worked with DustScanAQ since 2004. Mike advises the firm on analytical matters and lectures on environmental sciences and environmental forensics. He has played a significant role in establishing a geochemical basis to DustScanAQ’s dust characterisation and research activities, including PhD support.

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