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DustScan Monitoring Equipment

DustScan dust monitoring equipment has been designed to meet the needs of both site operators and regulators. Products range from low-cost, passive directional and depositional sticky pad ‘nuisance’ or annoyance gauges to powered filter-reference PM10 and PM2.5 samplers. We manufacture, supply and install:-

DustScan DS100

The DS100 directional dust flux gauge, ideal for site boundary dust monitoring and to determine the direction of dust sources and pathways, and to characterise the dust in transit.


DustScan DS100-D

The DS100-D directional and depositional dust gauge for comprehensive site boundary or receptor dust monitoring.


DustScan DS500X

The DS500X combined directional dust gauge and PM10/PM2.5 sampler; it is an entry level, battery-powered air quality monitor that may be located in remote site locations.


DustScan DustDisc

The DustDisc dust deposit gauge, an unobtrusive alternative to Frisbee-type samplers best suited for receptor or compliance dust monitoring.


Please click on the specific product pages for more information about each dust monitor.

DustScan dust monitoring equipment is assembled in the UK and most components are locally sourced. Gauges are robust and easy to install and operate. Full installation and operation instructions are provided along with guidance on sample collection, handling and labelling.

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DustScanAQ is an independent dust and air quality consultancy, specialising in dust monitoring and assessment, established in 2004. We provide expert dust and air quality services to a wide range of sectors including assessments and management plans of dust, air quality, odour and transport. We also provide planning and operational support for small to large scale projects including those that require detailed Environmental Impact Assessments. Our services also include workplace and occupational exposure assessment, elemental and chemical dust analyses and dispersion modelling.