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DustScanAQ is an independent dust and air quality consultancy, specialising in dust monitoring and assessment, established in 2004.

About DustScan

About DustScan

DustScanAQ is the new trading name for DustScan Ltd; we have recently rebranded to reflect our growing air quality consultancy expertise and involvement in air quality matters. DustScan Ltd was established in 2004 as a spin-off company from Leeds University. The firm is based in Oxfordshire, UK.

DS500X Combined Dust & PM10 Sampler

DS500X Combined Dust & PM10 Sampler

The DustScan DS500X is a low-cost flexible method for ambient, outdoor dust and fine particulate monitoring.

It combines the standard DustScan DS100 directional sticky pad dust gauge and a battery-powered, filter reference, gravimetric PM10 sampler in one unit for simultaneous monitoring of dust flux and airborne particulates. A stand-alone PM10 sampler option is also available.

The PM10 sampler is not a “reference” method or a real-time indicative particulate monitor. It is an entry-level device that utilises a certificated PM10 size-selective inlet impactor system and collects physical samples of dust. The sampler is programmed to run at 5 l/min continuously for 7 days so that the PM10 sampling interval coincides with the recommended sticky pad sampling duration. This means that installations only need attending once a week by site staff.

The sampler can be powered by a mains connection but has been specifically designed to utilise 12v batteries. Batteries allow the DS500X to be installed in remote locations where a mains power supply is unavailable.

The DS500X utilises the same directional components as the DS100 gauge (see the DS100 product pages for information about the directional sticky pad component of the DS500X). The PM10 sampler unit is housed inside the gauge post. 2 batteries are provided with each gauge to allow for continuous sampling which are housed in weatherproof boxes.


As the DS500X is a combined nuisance and ambient PM10 dust sampler it has numerous applications across a wide range of industrial sectors. As an entry level particulate monitor, it is much less expensive than reference methods for PM10 sampling. As a 7-day sampler, it is ideal for determining long-term average PM10 concentrations or can be used to establish indicative 24-hour levels. Multiple DS500X gauges can be used to surround sites, allowing PM10 levels to be assessed simultaneously at different site locations. This can help to identify specific site processes that may be generating PM10 dust. Individual site contributions to local PM10 levels can also be assessed with this equipment.

When combined with the DustDisc sampler (DS500X-D), simultaneous monitoring of directional dust flux, dust deposition and PM10 concentrations can be achieved in one unit.

The DS500X is ideal for:
  • Baseline monitoring for ambient PM10 levels
  • Site boundary monitoring in AQMAs where long-term average concentrations are required
  • Determining nuisance dust propagation
  • Locating fugitive dust pathways and sources
  • Assessing the effectiveness of dust suppression measures
  • Compliance monitoring
As the DS500X is powered by 12v batteries, it can be located on almost any site, no matter how remote. Its relatively low cost also makes it a more favourable option to sites where security is an issue. Spare components are readily available and can usually be dispatched to site within 2-3 days.


The DS500X PM10 sampler is programmed to run for exactly 7 days, after which it automatically turns off. The sampler can also be turned off mid-run - its data logger automatically records the run start and end date, and times onto an SD card. The sampler automatically deactivates if its battery drops below a certain voltage and if the pump reaches its maximum demand due to exceptional dust concentrations etc.

Each DS500X is usually supplied with 2 PM10 samplers to allow for continuous monitoring. Used samplers must be returned to DustScan offices for data removal, servicing and filter exchange.

The sampler units are powered by 12v 40ah batteries and utilise a twin diaphragm pump, that is set to run at and maintain a 5 l/min flow rate. The sampler units are connected to a certificated (and independently tested) size-selective inlet jet impactor system, that is also housed inside the gauge post.

Providing air is being drawn through the impactor at 5 l/min, only PM10 us accelerated through the size-selective jet fast enough to escape the system and be collected inside a filter cassette inside the sampler unit. Larger PM collects on the impactor plate and must be periodically removed.

DS500X sampler units also incorporate air temperature, pressure and humidity sensors. Sensor data output is written to the SD card every hour.

The sampler units have their own internal power supply so that data can still be written to the SD card when the external power source is interrupted or depleted.


Samplers are fitted with 25mm glass micro-fibre (GFA) filter papers. Other filter papers such as quartz filters can be supplied on request. Filter papers are pre and post weighed following MDHS 14/3 guidelines in DustScan laboratories.

Gravimetric PM10 concentrations are calculated using the sampler run-time (recorded on the sampler SD card) and the net PM weight.

Filter weights and sampler run data are entered into the DustScan database for tabulation and reporting. The μg/m3/24hr average PM10 concentration is calculated from the 7 day sample.

As the DS500X incorporates a gravimetric PM10 sampler, physical samples of fine particulates are collected. This allows further testing of the PM collected such as mineral or chemical, which is not normally possible when real-time, indicative samplers are used.

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