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DustScanAQ is an independent dust and air quality consultancy, specialising in dust monitoring and assessment, established in 2004.

About DustScanAQ

About DustScan

DustScanAQ is the new trading name for DustScan Ltd; we have recently rebranded to reflect our growing air quality consultancy expertise and involvement in air quality matters. DustScan Ltd was established in 2004 as a spin-off company from Leeds University. The firm is based in Oxfordshire, UK.

DustScan DustDisc

DustScan DustDisc Sticky Pad Dust Gauge

The DustScan DustDisc is an innovative low-cost dust settlement sampler. It is composed of a horizontal sticky pad in a convenient handling case that slides into a bespoke sampling head.

DustScan DustDiscs are used to measure dust deposition either as a stand-alone dust settlement sampler or in conjunction with other DustScan gauges.

When combined with a DustScan DS500X-D PM10 gauge, dust settlement, dust flux and gravimetric PM10 concentrations can be monitored in one installation. This unit is also ideal for comprehensive site boundary monitoring when combined with a DustScan DS100 sampler (a DS100-D).

DustScan DustDisc options available are:

  • DustDisc-B – A stand-alone dust settlement sampler, supplied with a mounting bracket for attachment to site hoardings, lampposts, etc
  • DustDisc 1.7 - As above but supplied with a 1.7m mounting post instead of a bracket
  • DS100-D - A combined, post-mounted directional and depositional sticky pad dust gauge
  • DS500X-D - A combined directional and depositional dust and gravimetric PM10 sampler
  • DustDisc upgrade - Compatible with either the DS100 or DS500X gauges


DustScan DustDisc samplers are less expensive and easier to use than other dust deposition monitors, such as Frisbee gauges, and can be readily transported using standard postage.


Dust deposition monitoring is the measurement of dust settlement from the air at a particular location. It is ideal for monitoring where dust fallout is potentially a problem such as near sensitive receptors.

As a stand-alone gauge the DustScan DustDisc is very effective for dust settlement sampling at receptors and its relatively small size allows for it be installed discretely in urban areas such as on windowsills and site hoardings or attached to lampposts and other street furniture.

The DustScan DustDisc is therefore ideal for

  • Baseline dust settlement monitoring
  • Routine boundary dust settlement monitoring
  • Dust monitoring in urban environments
  • Dust annoyance investigations
  • Compliance monitoring


DustScan DustDisc monitors are supplied with 2 DustDisc samplers to allow for continuous dust settlement sampling.

No specialist procedures are needed to collect and exchange the samples.

DustScanAQ recommend that samples are collected every one to two weeks – the shorter the monitoring period the more valuable the data collected will be.

As with all DustScan sticky pad monitors, DustDisc samplers must be returned to DustScan for analysis. All samples are sealed and represent a permanent record of collected dust for any subsequent dust investigations.

DustScan DustDisc monitors are used as an alternative to other deposition monitors such as Frisbee-type gauges and can be reported in gravimetric mass (mg / m2 / day) in addition to optical dust soiling (EAC %) and coverage (AAC %)


Dust collected on DustScan DustDisc sticky pads is analysed by bespoke DustScan software to determine absolute area coverage (%AAC) and effective area coverage (%EAC).

The combination of these two measurements in DustScan’s risk matrix allows each sample to be assigned an ‘annoyance risk’ grading from ‘Very Low’ to ‘Very High’ risk of annoyance at that location.

DustDisc samples can also be used for measuring for dust deposition mass (mg / m2 / day) for comparison with the custom and practice threshold in Environment Agency guidance M17 of 200 mg / m2 / day.

These data can be used as Key Performance Indicator (KPI) values when assessing site performance.

For more information about DustScan dust monitoring reports, please see the DustScan Analysis page.

DustScanAQ would be pleased to hear from you if you would like to discuss your requirements and how we can help you with your project, please contact us on 01608 810110 or email