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Dust and Air Quality Consultancy Services

Our dedicated consultancy team provides expert dust and air quality services to a wide range of sectors including the minerals industry, waste management, public sector, residential, commercial, industrial, oil and gas, power, roads, railways and ports. We are experienced in producing specialist, site specific reports for a range of clients.

Our projects range from standalone air quality assessments for small scale local development to large scale and national infrastructure developments that require Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). We have extensive experience of working with multidisciplinary project teams to prepare the air quality, odour and greenhouse gas chapters of EIAs. We also provide the following services:-

  • Air quality assessments ranging from screening to detailed;

  • Site specific dust assessments;

  • Dust and Air quality management and action plans;

  • Compiling EIA;

  • Local Authority review and assessment;

  • Appraisal of air quality reports for local authorities;

  • Residential suitability assessment;

  • Assessment of traffic related emissions;

  • Assessment of energy plants (e.g. Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants and Biomass Boilers);

  • Detailed dispersion modelling with ADMS-Roads,  ADMS 5, AERMOD and CALPUFF;

  • DMRB screening assessment;

  • Air quality neutral assessment for applications in London;

  • Greenhouse gas assessment;

  • Diffusion tube monitoring;

  • Odour assessment and management plans;

  • Construction dust and traffic assessment and management plans;

  • Air quality and meteorological monitoring;

  • Assessment of air quality impact on ecology;

  • Air quality assessment for environmental permits in relation to industrial installations;

  • Stack height determination;

  • Environmental permitting air quality assessment for industrial installations; and

  • Expert witness


We have a well-established track record and pride ourselves in offering a professional service at a competitive price. Our approach to our assessments is based on a clear understanding of the statutory framework and common practice that should be applied to these matters. When required this is underpinned by high quality scientific investigation. 

We recognise that not all development will have a significant impact on local air quality and therefore it is not always necessary to carry out a detailed air quality assessment. We try to prepare our assessments so that they are accepted by local authorities at the first submission with minimal input to minimise the cost. We therefore always work closely with regulatory authorities and where possible, agree our scope in advance in order to avoid delays during the planning process.

We would be very pleased to hear from you if you would like to discuss your requirements or need any further information regarding our services.